Insurance Issues, Billing, and HIPAA Compliance Q&A

Date: Friday, February 24, 2024

Time: 4:00 PM — 5:00 PM

Cost: $50.00

Our Practice Manager, Pete Stott (Certified Medical Coder and Biller), and Dr. Birklein will be hosting a Zoom consultation session for questions related to:

Pete is an insurance and billing specialist and certified professional coder who has worked extensively for insurance companies in the past as a consultant and trainer. He currently administers Practice Management for several NYU post-doc clinicians. Pete is a smart and nifty wizard with a vast knowledge base who deals with insurance issues in a swift, yet detail-oriented and organized manner.

As a Practice Manager, he is attending to all details of an individual or group practice, e.g. setting up the practice and streamlining its different areas of performance, managing software and Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems, smoothing out insurance, billing, and claim issues, and managing the onboarding process and credentialing of clinicians.

During the Q&A, we will be mainly focusing on billing and insurance issues past COVID. Future sessions will expand to Practice Management, software, and systems/organizational issues.

To get a better understanding of what particular issues participants would like to have addressed, I added a Google form to this email. Please fill it out and let us know what questions/areas you’d like to have addressed. The participation cost is $50 and the number of participants will be limited.


Individual and Group Practice Setup

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EHR and Practice Software Reviews and Recommendations

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