dr. joshua pearl, Phd
Clinical Psychologist
Postdoctoral Fellow
Available for Telehealth (New York) and In-person (NYC)
I am a clinical psychologist who specializes in working with adults of all ages. I’m especially interested in working with those who feel that, somehow, they are more than what they have become (in their relationships, work, school, or passions). In our work together, I aim to provide a calm and nurturing space where we can hear your story, with all of its struggles and triumphs, the way it should be told. Many people find this refreshing in and of itself – they may never have been listened to, or listened to themselves, in quite this way ever before. I believe that by truly listening to what you have to say, we can find out what has been holding you back. Again and again, I’ve seen my clients take decisive steps forward when they emerge from the confusion in which they are stuck and begin to form a clear picture of themselves and their situations.

In my experience, I’ve found that it can be especially helpful to explore the places where the story “breaks down” – the discontinuities if you will. Part of what I’m trained to do is listen for these places and help guide you in looking into them.

On a personal level, I’m deeply committed to the process of psychotherapy. There is always more to learn, I find, about the mysterious inner workings of how and why people change their lives for the better. I hope you have found this introduction helpful, and that I have the chance to learn something from you as well.