Dr. Melanie Borisoff
Licensed Psychologist, PhD
Available for Telehealth (New York)
Melanie Borisoff, Ph.D. is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who received her doctorate from the New School for Social Research. Dr. Borisoff’s approach to therapy is flexible, collaborative, and supportive. Her goal is to help clients develop an awareness of thoughts, emotions, relationships, and experiences that may perpetuate symptoms and inhibit their potential to feel fulfillment in their lives. Dr. Borisoff helps clients gain insight into potentially harmful patterns and develop strategies that promote long-term change and alleviate distress. Dr. Borisoff treats a variety of problems and has extensive experience working with depression, anxiety, trauma, obsessive behaviors, and career, identity, parenting, and relationship issues.

depression, anxiety, trauma, obsessive behaviors, and career, identity, parenting, and relationship issues.

Dr. Borisoff is currently studying psychoanalysis as a postdoctoral candidate at New York University. She is a Clinical Associate at the New School for Social Research providing supervision for doctoral candidates. Dr. Borisoff has extensive training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. She has worked in inpatient and outpatient settings at Beth Israel Medical Center, Bronx Psychiatric Center, and at the James J. Peters Veterans Affairs Hospital. At the VA hospital, Dr. Borisoff treated PTSD and depression and assisted in a suicide prevention research program. Dr. Borisoff has a background in modern dance and is a certified yoga instructor. She has been teaching and practicing yoga and meditation for the past twenty years. She considers the integration of mind and body and the affect one can have on the other in her work with clients.

She worked for several years in Japan at an international counseling center treating adolescents and adults from across the globe and served as interim clinical director providing supervision to therapists.  She developed an acute awareness of the kinds of challenges that may arise for individuals, couples, and families while adjusting to a new environment and is particularly attuned to understanding clients’ issues and therapeutic goals within a cultural context.